How to make MSN Messenger 7.0 7.5, Windows Live Messenger 8.0, 8.1, and 8.5 work:
 When You try to install These Versions of Windows Messenger, a pop-up will appear that says:
”A new Version is available. To continue You must install the newest Version of Windows Live Messenger” – And You will have two options: “Yes” and “No”. If You choose “No”, You will not be able to sign in to Your current Version of Windows Messenger. If You choose “Yes”, it will Re-Direct You to “Essentials – Windows Live” site. You can download and install the latest Version of Windows Live Messenger, WLM 2009, Including
Windows Live Call,
Windows Live Family Safety,
Windows Live Mail,
Windows Live Messenger,
Windows Live Photo Gallery,
Windows Live Writer.
But, these programs will slow down Your computer (If You have an old and a weak Computer). If You do not want to download the latest Version of Windows Messenger, follow this trick:
    -First, MAKE SURE “MSN Messenger” or “Windows Live Messenger” is Exited and NOT running.
Right Mouse Click on Your current MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, and select “Properties”.
    -Go to the “Compatibility” tab. You will se a box, “Compatibility Mode”.
    -Tick on “Run this Programs in Compatibility Mode for:”   -And select Windows 2000.
    -Click Apply, and then OK, and You are done!

Thank You for Your time. Copyright 2010 Ilirian Luta, PARACLETE333.
Program used to write this document, Windows Live Writer.