Do You like Windows Vista’s Sidebar, but You can’t get it for many reasons? Don’t have the money to buy Vista? Don’t have the compatible Hard-Wares? No Problem! You still CAN install the Vista Sidebar on XP!

                         MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS to run the Sidebar SMOOTHLY
512MB of RAM Memory, 2.00GHz Intel Pentium 4 or Dual Core 2 Duo, 64MB of Graphics Card, at least 512MB free Hard Drive space for the installation and customization.

How to install the Sidebar? Follow these easy steps:

1. Download the required files Go to this website:

If You don’t have any Extractor, download these files one by one:



2. Install the downloaded files
After You downloaded these files, You have to install them. Begin by installing “Alky for Applications.exe” (witch allows You to run programs that are designed for Windows Vista) it is a very simple installation, just open the file, and click “Next” every time You have to. Restart Your computer IF YOU ARE PROMPTED TO.
Then, install the Sidebar (WINDOWS_SIDEBAR_INSTALLER.exe). It is a simple installation, just like “Alky for Applications.exe”. The Sidebar should start, it will be placed in the right (->) side of Your desktop, butYoucan move it to the left if You want.
Now install Gadget Extractor.msi (witch allows You to add new gadgets just extracting them with this program). This is also a simple installation. That’s all for the installation.

3. Add new gadgets
Sidebar includes some basic gadgets, such as Clock, Weather, CPU and RAM meter, Calendar, etc.
You just have to click on the plus (+) with is placed in the top of the Sidebar, and double-clicking or dragging them in the Sidebar.
You can also find new gadgets on the internet:
There are at least two ways to install new gadgets:
1. Extract using the Gadget Extractor,
2. Extract manually.
Extracting using the Gadget Extractor, is much easier!:
   First, download the new wanted gadget, and Open it with the Gadget Extractor. After extracting, click on the plus (+, witch is in the top of the Sidebar). There should be the new gadget.

Installing new gadgets manually is a little bit harder, but not hard.
After downloading the new Gadget, send it to:
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets     – and create a new folder, name it whatever You want, adding “.Gadget” in the end. For example: Weather-Meter.Gadget, and put it the Gadget file. You can even transfer Gadgets to Your friends, by copying the folder or just the file, and transferring them over the internet, or USB.
That’s it! You have installed Windows Sidebar on XP!

For more information, feel free to E-Mail me: