Do You have troubles with Your parents, friends? Do You have a photo of your Girl/boy friend, and want to hide it, so no one can see it?

Here is the solution! Just follow my steps:
1. Show extensions for known file types
Go to “My Computer” (or “Computer” in Vista or Windows 7), click once on “Tools”, and select “Folder Options”.

A box will appear. Go to the “View” tab:

Then, scroll down, and deselect (Tick Off, remove the tick):
  Hide Extensions for known file types

After that, Click Apply and then OK.

2. Search for the photo
Now search the photo You want to hide. For example:


REMEMBER: ” .jpg “ (or “ .jpeg “ , “ .bmp “) are photo formats, they specify that the file is a photo!

Can You see the extension at the end? “.jpg”. This specifies the file and “Tells” the computer that this is a photo. But, if You don’t want others to see it, change its format (by renaming the file, and adding the extension) to:
.txt ” —- (Text file, will open Notepad, and there will be some symbols.),
.exe ” — (Executable files, mostly Programs),
.msi ” — (Microsoft  Installer, a tool that install programs, but of course, in this case it will not install anything.),
.pdf ” — (Portable Document Format, documents that can be opened with Adobe Reader),
You will be prompted to Confirm, by clicking “Yes”.

Hide Extensions for known file types

The same process as Step 1. This time, You have to tick on the option:
”Hide Extensions for known file types”

Now, You have hid the photo! Look what happens if You change it to .txt :

Don’t worry, Your photo is NOT damaged at all!
How to restore it back?

4. Restore Your hidden photo back
The same process as Step 1. This time, You have to show the extensions for known file types again, to modify the format of the file.
After You are done with that, go to Your photo again, and change its format to .jpg again. And, there You go! The photo is restored!
To make everything like before, Hide the extensions for known file types again!

You can use this trick to send files through Windows Live Messenger, even though they are not allowed from MSN, such as .exe, .msi, .zip, etc…
Just change its format to .jpg (Photo), or to .mp3 (Music, Audio), and send them…
      Useful, Easy, Free