Actually, not all Ubuntus are faulty for failing on a laptop. After the currently newest version of Ubuntu – 11.04, it failed on my laptop. I did a research on the interhet, and found out that this newest version was failing in some other laptops, too. It was an Operating System bug. I decided to give Ubuntu another shot, so I went to the official website ( and downloaded version 10.04 (not the newest, but the Long Term Support), and installed it on my laptop. It worked just great! And it is still working great! I had some trouble configuring the audio, because it only worked on headphones. I had to enter some commands to make the computer understand that I want to hear the music come from the damn speakers! (LOL I’m not being rude, I was just kidding.) 
Anyway, let’s move on. As everyone wants, I wanted to customize my Ubuntu, too. After searching on the internet, I read some articles about installing “gnome-shell 3”, which is currently the newest version of Gnome-Shell. I installed it too, but no: It didn’t work correctly, the screen lacked and windows didn’t display correctly. So, I am running Ubuntu WithOut the Gnome-Shell 3.
OK, so my final opinion about Ubuntu is that version 10.04 is very stable and works very fine. About version 11.04, before deciding to install it, make sure you TRY it if it works with the UBUNTU LIVE CD! If it doesn’t work (While installing or booting the Live CD, the screen goes black, and the computer doesn’t react. This means that version 11.04 will not be stable on your computer, so roll back to 10.04).
Thank you for your time!