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Actually, not all Ubuntus are faulty for failing on a laptop. After the currently newest version of Ubuntu – 11.04, it failed on my laptop. I did a research on the interhet, and found out that this newest version was failing in some other laptops, too. It was an Operating System bug. I decided to give Ubuntu another shot, so I went to the official website ( and downloaded version 10.04 (not the newest, but the Long Term Support), and installed it on my laptop. It worked just great! And it is still working great! I had some trouble configuring the audio, because it only worked on headphones. I had to enter some commands to make the computer understand that I want to hear the music come from the damn speakers! (LOL I’m not being rude, I was just kidding.) 
Anyway, let’s move on. As everyone wants, I wanted to customize my Ubuntu, too. After searching on the internet, I read some articles about installing “gnome-shell 3”, which is currently the newest version of Gnome-Shell. I installed it too, but no: It didn’t work correctly, the screen lacked and windows didn’t display correctly. So, I am running Ubuntu WithOut the Gnome-Shell 3.
OK, so my final opinion about Ubuntu is that version 10.04 is very stable and works very fine. About version 11.04, before deciding to install it, make sure you TRY it if it works with the UBUNTU LIVE CD! If it doesn’t work (While installing or booting the Live CD, the screen goes black, and the computer doesn’t react. This means that version 11.04 will not be stable on your computer, so roll back to 10.04).
Thank you for your time!


Whenever you feel boring with Windows and want something different (for example Ubuntu Linux), you better think twice!
If You don’t have them both, The Windows Installation disc and the Ubuntu installation disc, then You’re screwed!

I took my laptop, inserted the Ubuntu 11.04 installation disc, rebooted my computer, and decided to dualboot it with Windows 7, which was installed earlier, as my primary and only Operating System.
My first and current laptop (the HP 625) was not designed for Ubuntu, so the installation failed many times.
I entered a code which temporarily fixed the installation bug. I installed Ubuntu several times, but the last installation screwed everything up! In the next restart, I couldn’t access Ubuntu anymore! Couldn’t access the Ubuntu Installation disc, couldn’t install Windows because I chose Ext4 file format (the default Ubuntu format), which was an unknown format for Windows. So, I wanted to install Windows XP in order to download a program called EASEUS Partition Master to convert the Ext4 file format back to NTFS, and then install Windows 7! How would I be able to install Windows XP? –There was a small partition (1.7GB) which was reserved for “HP Tools”. I couldn’t install Vista or 7 because the partition was not big enough to fit one of them, but it was big enough to fit Windows XP. So, I took my Windows XP installation disc, inserted it on my laptop’s drive and tried to format, but It showed me a Blue Screen. I tried three times, but it didn’t work. I was in panic! What the hell is going to happen to my new laptop? It hasn’t been even two weeks since I got it, and now it was ruined!
So, I did a research on many forums until I found a solution. Actually, I knew the solution, but I was so worried that I forgot what to do. So, the solution was:
After Windows couldn’t format an “Ext4” file format to NTFS, I deleted the whole partition, and created a new one. This time, in NTFS. Thank God it worked and now I am feeling much better.
This was my mistake for trying to install Ubuntu on my Laptop. Maybe Ext3 might work, but to be honest, what is Linux useful for? Security? Security is not the main thing of a computer. As the French cook (my tutor) said: “It’s not us who should fulfill the computer’s needs. It’s the computer which should fulfill OUR needs!”

Username: EAV-30635329
Password: k4kah4bvxr

Username: EAV-29941202
Password: p83hstfnkt

Username: EAV-29941262
Password: kcahpvkr7m


Username: EAV-30045607
Password: svpuv28nrf


Username: EAV-30045609
Password: 2kprrtjcsb


Username: EAV-29941301
Password: arnt7bxpk5


Username: EAV-29942787
Password: khn4xv658n


Username: EAV-29946301
Password: r6bbk2k37k

Username: EAV-29818330
Password:  6vcd272kt7

Username: EAV-29818337
Password: fasdfbv4cj

Username: EAV-29818339
Password: nxsab68sdd

Username: EAV-29769619
Password: em3pkfktn3

Username: EAV-29764765
Password: thxsfpt436

Username: TRIAL-32117287 
Password: 8xce2k4cp6

Username: TRIAL-32117319
Password: ff5fuxscvn


   NOTICE: “TRIAL-XXXXXXXX” is a Trial Version. Use this only if none of full Version Licences ( “EAV-XXXXXXXX” ) work.

                             PRC 333

Do You have troubles with Your parents, friends? Do You have a photo of your Girl/boy friend, and want to hide it, so no one can see it?

Here is the solution! Just follow my steps:
1. Show extensions for known file types
Go to “My Computer” (or “Computer” in Vista or Windows 7), click once on “Tools”, and select “Folder Options”.

A box will appear. Go to the “View” tab:

Then, scroll down, and deselect (Tick Off, remove the tick):
  Hide Extensions for known file types

After that, Click Apply and then OK.

2. Search for the photo
Now search the photo You want to hide. For example:


REMEMBER: ” .jpg “ (or “ .jpeg “ , “ .bmp “) are photo formats, they specify that the file is a photo!

Can You see the extension at the end? “.jpg”. This specifies the file and “Tells” the computer that this is a photo. But, if You don’t want others to see it, change its format (by renaming the file, and adding the extension) to:
.txt ” —- (Text file, will open Notepad, and there will be some symbols.),
.exe ” — (Executable files, mostly Programs),
.msi ” — (Microsoft  Installer, a tool that install programs, but of course, in this case it will not install anything.),
.pdf ” — (Portable Document Format, documents that can be opened with Adobe Reader),
You will be prompted to Confirm, by clicking “Yes”.

Hide Extensions for known file types

The same process as Step 1. This time, You have to tick on the option:
”Hide Extensions for known file types”

Now, You have hid the photo! Look what happens if You change it to .txt :

Don’t worry, Your photo is NOT damaged at all!
How to restore it back?

4. Restore Your hidden photo back
The same process as Step 1. This time, You have to show the extensions for known file types again, to modify the format of the file.
After You are done with that, go to Your photo again, and change its format to .jpg again. And, there You go! The photo is restored!
To make everything like before, Hide the extensions for known file types again!

You can use this trick to send files through Windows Live Messenger, even though they are not allowed from MSN, such as .exe, .msi, .zip, etc…
Just change its format to .jpg (Photo), or to .mp3 (Music, Audio), and send them…
      Useful, Easy, Free

Do You like Windows Vista’s Sidebar, but You can’t get it for many reasons? Don’t have the money to buy Vista? Don’t have the compatible Hard-Wares? No Problem! You still CAN install the Vista Sidebar on XP!

                         MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS to run the Sidebar SMOOTHLY
512MB of RAM Memory, 2.00GHz Intel Pentium 4 or Dual Core 2 Duo, 64MB of Graphics Card, at least 512MB free Hard Drive space for the installation and customization.

How to install the Sidebar? Follow these easy steps:

1. Download the required files Go to this website:

If You don’t have any Extractor, download these files one by one:



2. Install the downloaded files
After You downloaded these files, You have to install them. Begin by installing “Alky for Applications.exe” (witch allows You to run programs that are designed for Windows Vista) it is a very simple installation, just open the file, and click “Next” every time You have to. Restart Your computer IF YOU ARE PROMPTED TO.
Then, install the Sidebar (WINDOWS_SIDEBAR_INSTALLER.exe). It is a simple installation, just like “Alky for Applications.exe”. The Sidebar should start, it will be placed in the right (->) side of Your desktop, butYoucan move it to the left if You want.
Now install Gadget Extractor.msi (witch allows You to add new gadgets just extracting them with this program). This is also a simple installation. That’s all for the installation.

3. Add new gadgets
Sidebar includes some basic gadgets, such as Clock, Weather, CPU and RAM meter, Calendar, etc.
You just have to click on the plus (+) with is placed in the top of the Sidebar, and double-clicking or dragging them in the Sidebar.
You can also find new gadgets on the internet:
There are at least two ways to install new gadgets:
1. Extract using the Gadget Extractor,
2. Extract manually.
Extracting using the Gadget Extractor, is much easier!:
   First, download the new wanted gadget, and Open it with the Gadget Extractor. After extracting, click on the plus (+, witch is in the top of the Sidebar). There should be the new gadget.

Installing new gadgets manually is a little bit harder, but not hard.
After downloading the new Gadget, send it to:
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets     – and create a new folder, name it whatever You want, adding “.Gadget” in the end. For example: Weather-Meter.Gadget, and put it the Gadget file. You can even transfer Gadgets to Your friends, by copying the folder or just the file, and transferring them over the internet, or USB.
That’s it! You have installed Windows Sidebar on XP!

For more information, feel free to E-Mail me:

How to make Windows XP Genuine, for free!
First, open up the Start menu, and select “Run”. A small Window will appear. Type in “Regedit” and push Enter (or click OK). Then, expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, and select “Software”. Expand the “Software”, too. (Always expand menus.) Then expand “Microsoft”, expand “Windows NT”, then “CurrentVersion”, and search for “WPAEvents”. Click once on the folder called “WPAEvents”.
   Now, look on the right side, and double click “OOBETimer”. A small window will pop-up again. In the window, You will see some Letters and numbers. You only have to edit or delete something. After You’re done with that,  Click “OK”.
Go to Start, and open up “Run” again. This time You have to type this path in the text box:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
A bigger Window will pop-up this time. It says: “Let’s activate Windows”. You will have three options:

1. Yes, let’s activate Windows over the internet now.
2.  Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to Activate Windows.
3. No, Log me off.

 You have to select the second option.
   Then, click “Next”.
After that, click on “
Change Product key”.
You have to put the Product key in there! And the Product key is:


Make sure You put THIS code in!
Then click “Update”.
Now, Restart Your computer.

After the computer is restarted, open up the Start menu, go to “All Programs” and click on “Windows Update”.
This will open up Windows Internet Explorer, and may take a few minutes, depending on Your network and System speed. Windows Update installs the updates for Your computer, makes it less vulnerable to Viruses, Malware and Spyware.
That’s it! Your Windows XP is now Genuine! You can now install Windows Media Player 11, Microsoft Visual Basic, and lots of other stuff!
Thank You for Your time.